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ICF Creative Coach
& Wellness Content Writer

Copywriter and Content Writer Warwickshire

For a long time, I’ve been told I’m a jack of all trades. Then the marketers scream ‘you must have a niche!’. To hell with them, I’ve chosen three:

Content Creation – Coaching – Small Business Strategy

Every single word you write has the chance to be powerful. But, without clarity, your words are subject to scrutiny.

So, why leave it to chance?

As a freelance copywriter, I can transform what you want to say and give it a captivating human connection. Whatever you want to say – be that dreams, goals, actions, feelings or simple practicality – I can find the perfect way to say it with brand alignment.

I am a trained copywriter but identify as a content writer. For me, it’s simply not enough to transform bullet points into sales copy. I love to research, understand, and write with confidence about what makes YOU so passionate.

Content Writer Leamington Spa

Words To Inspire Action

From converting sales to inspiring individuals to make life-changing improvements; my job is to make people move. This is why I don’t have a niche; I don’t only offer one form of content. I love to create a range of content for a huge variety of clients.

An average day will see me jump between wellbeing articles and product descriptions, talent management LinkedIn posts to business whitepapers. I leave specialization to you, and instead, I work on giving your products and service the human touch to increase engagement and understanding.

About Steph The Writer

For my clients, I write more than just words. I write feelings. I write actions. I write dreams. I write goals. I write stories, experiences and knowledge that is just dying to be shared. 

It’s never just ‘copy’.

According to Grammarly, I write over 100,000 words every single week. I probably delete at least 400,000 more, as I make sure I get your content just right. 

Before beginning my own content writing business, I spent many years working as a Project Manager. From Pharmaceuticals to Engineering Consultancy – I have spent most of my career focusing on words. As a Project Manager, it was about Technical Writing and making it as efficient as possible. Now, it’s about captivating audiences.

So yes, I’m skilled in all of the essentials of digital marketing (SEO, Copywriting, Website Promotion, Ads, Press Releases, Campaign Management) but for me, the most important aspect is ensuring your brand comes to life through the words I write.

Want To Buy My Words?

I offer a range of copywriting services including;

  •  Landing pages,
  • Web content
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Product descriptions
  • You name it!

For new clients, I offer four packages, my Brontë Bundles. The more we work together, it is easy to buy on-demand and one-off pieces of content. But, to get started, I want to know everything about your business and unique value.

Every Brontë bundle includes;

  • A consultation to get to know you, your business and goals
  • Detailed research of your brand and your industry
  • Keyword research, SEO, content optimization, and image with alt attributes
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Two rounds of amendments.
One full day of research and writing
Two full days of research and writing
One week (five days) of research and writing.
One full day of dedicated content writing every month (minimum of six months)

Look what these lovely people say about me!

"Stephanie has been great to work with - we gave her a tough, technical brief on a subject she (unsurprisingly) knew nothing about and she researched it thoroughly and then delivered an article of really high quality in record time. Excellent value for money!"

Jeremy B

"An A Class Content Creator. I am getting more shares, comments and views on my posts than ever before and it is all thanks to Stephanie's incredible talent with words. Ten Thumbs Up!! :)"

Kase D

"Fantastic as always - Brilliant, well-researched content. Recommended to all :)"

Amy C

"This is the first time I've worked with Stephanie, but it certainly won't be the last. She listened carefully, and I got exactly what I wanted."

Maria G