Get Where You Want To Be

Performance Coaching, Mentoring And Strategy For Creative And Neurodivergent Minds

Get Where You Want To Be

Performance Coaching, Mentoring And Strategy For Creative And Neurodivergent Minds

Your Performance Coach

Hi, I’m Stephanie. An accredited coach, business strategist and self-confessed introvert. I have helped many people with their careers and starting creative businesses. My goal is to grow your confidence and help you achieve your goals while finding a happy life balance. With my own neurodifferences, I specialise in supporting people with ADHD, Autism, and learning differences. If you’re a creative, introvert or fledgling business owner, you’re in the right place too.

What’s the best support for you?


A forward-focused process aimed at detangling the challenges and mapping out the next steps. Coaching is a great tool for getting clarity when things feel confusing. It helps you map out what you want and stay on track. It's unfiltered, exploratory, supportive and friendly.

Access To Work Coaching

If ATW coaching is a recommended action to support your neurodiversity, I can help. With Access To Work coaching, I help with areas such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. We will help you use your strengths and learn strategies to handle challenges with support and tools. I also offer co-coaching to help improve communication and understanding with coworkers and supervisors.


If you want help with your freelance career or creative business, I offer advice and step-by-step guidance. Mentoring is a focused, advice-driven support package. With mentoring, you can expect useful resources, tools and strategies. With my years of experience, I can offer valuable advice for starting and growing a small business.

Business Strategy

Let’s develop your business strategy. If you are new to the business, facing a challenge, or want to plan for the future or get an outside opinion for a new perspective. As a certified business strategist, you will get one-on-one strategy sessions. You will also receive a final strategy action plan to help you grow your business.

What difference does coaching make?

How often do you get time to think? How about time when someone listens without interrupting with their own ideas and advice? Coaching creates space. It’s a facilitated space to help you get everything buzzing around your head out and in a logical order. You can offload, and I’ll listen. I’ll then ask the questions to detangle the thoughts so you can think clearly. We’ll then explore related strategies and tools. Realise those ah-ha moments when it all makes sense. Finally, we’ll create an action plan for the next steps. With motivation and enthusiasm added, of course.
Coaching can help with so many areas. Some common areas my clients come to me with:

Want some free support?

My substack is a coaching-based blog where I’ll unpack common challenges, share life-changing tools and exercises to help you see things differently. Subscribe here for a dose of Curiously Good Life Advice:
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