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About Steph The Writer

I bought my first record when I was three years old.

Why is this relevant to me as a writer? 

Because when I was little, I used to slide the album sleeves out of the CD cases and pour over all of the lyrics. That was when I realised how important words are. A four-word line in a song can DO AMAZING THINGS. It can make you sing at the top of your voice; it can make you smile and even make you cry.

When I got bumped up to the top reading class at school, I couldn’t stop reading. My parents stopped buying me books because I would read them in less than a day. False economy, they said. The library and any ‘grown-up’ books I could find in the house were the way I’d get my word fix.

Back in the 90s, computers weren’t widespread, and I am a ‘smudgy’ left-handed, which meant writing wasn’t easy. 

So I read, listened and learnt, until typing became our favourite way of writing. And then, the words fell out.

Before beginning my own content writing business, I spent many years working as a Project Manager. From Pharmaceuticals to Engineering Consultancy – I have spent most of my career focusing on words. As a Project Manager, it was about Technical Writing and making it as clear and efficient as possible. Now, it’s about captivating audiences.

So yes, I’m skilled in all of the essentials of digital marketing (SEO, Copywriting, Website Promotion, Ads, Press Releases, Campaign Management) but for me, the most important aspect is ensuring your brand comes to life through the words I write.

When I’m not writing your content, I’m writing content for me; whether it’s posting on my blog or getting a book or two out into the big wide world!

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"Stephanie has been great to work with - we gave her a tough, technical brief on a subject she (unsurprisingly) knew nothing about and she researched it thoroughly and then delivered an article of really high quality in record time. Excellent value for money!"

Jeremy B

"An A Class Content Creator. I am getting more shares, comments and views on my posts than ever before and it is all thanks to Stephanie's incredible talent with words. Ten Thumbs Up!! :)"

Kase D

"Fantastic as always - Brilliant, well-researched content. Recommended to all :)"

Amy C

"This is the first time I've worked with Stephanie, but it certainly won't be the last. She listened carefully, and I got exactly what I wanted."

Maria G