Meet Stephanie

In the words of Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Stephanie, an innately introvert and curious coach

“If you were a cat, you’d be dead with curiosity”
I have always been curious. About everything, really. This is why coaching is my (ugh, cliché alert) calling.
I want to help you get to where you want to be. Hit those goals. Change those habits. Get over those hurdles in your way. Release those ties that are holding you back.

How I help

The best way I can do that is by being completely curious about who you are. Coaching will help you navigate any challenges you’re currently facing. It will also search for common connections across all areas of your life to give you a deeper understanding of yourself going forward.
As an accredited coach, I have a jam-packed bag of tools, strategies, exercises and self-development learnings so you can come away from coaching with tangible results.

Working with me gives you:

What’s the story?

I didn’t realise I was a coach at first. I have always been a nurturer, supporter and the person people come to share their secrets/ask for advice. In my work, I’ve been a supervisor, senior project manager and team lead – all of which require supporting and developing the team to achieve their potential and hit their goals.

In my roles (across hospitality, leisure and tourism, automotive, insurance and pharmaceutical industries), I have always focused on making improvements and efficiencies. This reflects in my coaching too – I want to help you improve your work, life and business AND make things easier too!
Training as an accredited coach means I comply with all ethical and quality standards expected of a coach. I am now an ICF-accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Delivering over 600 client coaching sessions and as a course-addict, you can expect a serious dedication to being the best coach for you.

Would you like to chat?

Now, if you want a free discovery call to meet me in person, you can do that here.

If you do meet me, you’ll know that I don’t do a hard sell. I believe the best coach for you is the one you feel most comfortable with. So, let’s chat over the phone/Zoom or similar and see how we get on.
I will always recommend booking chats with a few different coaches so you can compare styles and see which is the right fit for you.

Sometimes, the best coach for you is someone you have a rapport with or who has similar values, interests or backgrounds. So, here are ten random pieces of information about me:

What working together looks like

Free disco call

let's find out what you’re looking for and if I’m the right fit for you

Set up

if you’re happy to go, we’ll set up your first session in your chosen format


lasting between 60-120 minutes, sessions will be tailored to your goals


and in-between session support on WhatsApp, Voxer or email.

A dedicated space

for coaching notes, resources and anything you want to share

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