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Unlock Your Full Potential with Access to Work Coaching

Are you struggling to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace due to a neurodifference or health condition? Access to Work funding is available for career coaching. You may be eligible for free coaching to help you maximise your potential and achieve your career goals with confidence.

Feel empowered in your work and career with Access to Work coaching.

Everyone deserves equal opportunities in the workplace. However, sometimes there are challenges, worries or unique stresses with neurodivergences, mental health conditions or specific learning difficulties. I offer Access to Work coaching designed to help you overcome barriers, gain essential skills, and thrive in your chosen career.

What is Access to Work Coaching?

Access to Work coaching is a specialised service tailored to individuals with disabilities and health conditions. It is designed to provide support, guidance, and practical strategies to enhance your professional life. Whether you’re just starting your career, facing new challenges, or aiming for a promotion, coaching can make a profound difference.

How it works

AtW Coaching Pricing

Your Access to Work grant will usually come with a recommendation of the number of coaching hours. If you’d like a personalised quote for your grant – please get in touch at [email protected]
I offer coaching packages tailored to the number of sessions you need. Let’s chat about your requirements and receive a personalised pricing plan.

Standard Access to Work pricing

Individual workplace strategy coaching

£ 90
  • 1x 60-90 minute workplace strategy coaching session
  • A shared folder for coaching notes & action plans
  • A suite of resources, workbooks and activities to support
  • Accountability action plans and goal-setting structures

Co-coaching workplace strategy session

£ 250
  • A three-hour co-coaching package for you and your manager /direct report
  • Establish workplace requirements and improve communication
  • Increase neurodiversity awareness and understanding for better relationships
  • Receive 2x 60-minute individual coaching and 1x 60-minute joint session
  • Full report and resources delivered after the session to implement

Get started with AtW coaching

How can Access to Work coaching help you?

What is Access to Work?

Access to Work is a vital government-funded initiative in the UK committed to levelling the playing field for individuals with disabilities or health conditions in the workplace. This program offers tailored support and financial assistance to help eligible individuals overcome barriers and thrive in their careers.

Access to Work can offer benefits such as:

Don’t miss out if you think you’re eligible for funding and support – apply here.

Writing Coaching Notes

Looking for an Access To Work coach?

I am a fully accredited, trained and experienced coach specialising in neurodivergences such as ADHD, ASD and SpLDs. As well as this, I have personal experience with autism, dyspraxia and HSP and have navigated these throughout a career in project management and quality assurance.
I have a trauma-informed approach and specific training in neurodivergent coaching to help best support your needs.

Benefits of AtW coaching

Don’t miss out if you think you’re eligible for funding and support – apply here.

Don't Let Anything Hold You Back!

Your disability or health condition should never limit your career aspirations. We’re passionate about helping you break down barriers and unleash your full potential. With free funding available for coaching – what have you got to lose?
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