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  1. Book a free 15minute call here.
  2. I’ll send my notes over to make sure I’ve understood everything correctly
  3. We’ll set delivery timelines and create a project plan
  4. You’ll receive the content you need when you need it.

No problem! I can offer a half-day per month service to write your content and send it across ready for upload. If you’re on WordPress, I’ll even upload and schedule it for you, so your website always has fresh content. I can even prepare a content plan for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

I focus on quality. This means a 300-word press release will take me just as long as a 1000-word blog article because it requires more refinement. I prefer to dedicate hours to your needs and make sure every word is perfect, rather than churning out low-quality content because I’m ‘on-the-meter’.

Don’t worry, I still type quickly, and will always endeavour to provide value for money, but setting aside a day, rather than squeezing a writing job into an hour is the best way I work.

Nope. I am just me, Stephanie Benfield from Leamington Spa. A UK-native, degree-qualified, trained copywriter.

Yes, I’m happy to share past projects. If you let me know what industry you’re interested in, I’ll send across some relevant content for you to peruse.

Probably the fact that I am wholly invested in your project/business/campaign and will do everything I can to help you succeed. For my clients, I check the data and learn the patterns and behaviours of their customers. I research the latest trends and keep improving and expanding my knowledge to benefit your business.

I’ve been known to spend whole Saturdays clicking refresh on MailChimp to watch the performance of a newsletter campaign unfolding. I have the passion and commitment of an over-enthusiastic employee, but fortunately, for you, I am a laptop screen away!

So, if you’re looking for results-driven content, please reach out. I’m sure I’ll be happy to help.